Portia De Rossi And Ellen DeGeneres Mark Their 14th Anniversary Celebration

DeGeneres posted a video on Instagram with a number of heartwarming moments from their time together to mark the couple’s most recent love milestone. The highlights included DeGeneres, 64, making fun of the two’s disparity in height, and de Rossi, 49, choosing a sweet that best encapsulated their romantic relationship.

It’s lovely to be loved, as de Rossi said on their wedding day, the former daytime host captioned the picture. To comprehend it is profound. I adore you, @portiaderossi,” said DeGeneres. “Happy 14!

Following California’s legalization of same-sex marriage, DeGeneres and de Rossi got married in August 2008. The Arrested Development veteran and the Finding Dory star talked openly about their relationship dynamics last year.

De Rossi remarked in PEOPLE’s 2021 Love Issue, “We’ve matured together as a couple, and we genuinely consider each other and put our marriage first.” “You get a lot stronger by doing it. I can’t think of being with anyone else than her.” We finish one other’s sentences, have the same thoughts, and speak them at the same time, DeGeneres observed. “We’re in a comfortable rhythm.” DeGeneres said that the couple “practices a lot of appreciation” and that they are “fortunate to have each other.” DeGeneres once referred to de Rossi as the “ideal fit.”

“I could just state, “I’m happy,” as I have in every affair. But after experiencing joy and love, there is completion. “In 2007, she spoke with The Advocate. “It doesn’t diminish any of the relationships I’ve had because they were all wonderful. However, I believe I have finally found it.”

In a previous post, Considering that Anne Heche, her ex-girlfriend, is still in critical condition following a terrible vehicle accident, Ellen DeGeneres is speaking out against her.

The 64-year-old comedian addressed the situation on Twitter on Friday and expressed his sincere condolences to Heche’s family.

DeGeneres commented, “This is a terrible day. “I’m sending all of my love to Anne’s kids, family, and friends.”