Pudge’s Toy Butcher Persona gets his hooks into Dota 2 today

Pudge’s Toy Butcher Persona gets his hooks into Dota 2 today

Dota 2 Battle Pass owners can now switch out the fat, smelly, Frankenstein’s monster that is Pudge with the much more adorable Toy Butcher variant.

Those who’ve managed to get their Battle Pass up to level 255 will unlock the Toy Butcher Persona for free. As with all Personas, this completely changes the hero. Expect a new model, new animations, new sounds, and a new voice. In the case of Pudge, this replaces everyone’s favourite horrifying rot-zombie with an adorable hand-made stuffed toy. Which has a razor-sharp hook, a pair of scissors, and stuffing coming out of the seams. So, still kind of horrifying.

Level 255 isn’t easy to get (or cheap, if you opt to pay) but it’s certainly doable. I have faith in you, fellow Dota 2 players.

And a new Announcer-ment

Today’s 300MB patch also includes an extra bonus. Any who’ve hit Battle Pass level 75 will also unlock the Voice of the International Announcer Pack, which contains both an in-game announcer and a mega-kill announcer. You can now pretend that your terrible pub games are actually The International finals! Just with a significantly lower skill level, and slightly more rage-quitting.

John Patrick Lowrie voices both Pudge and the International Announcer (along with Earthshaker, Doom, Storm Spirit, Dark Seer…) so his rumbling voice has clearly had a bit of a workout lately.

Don’t worry if you’ve been slacking on levelling your Dota 2 Battle Pass, as you’ve got a month left. The Battle Pass is due to end on September 19th. We’ve still got plenty to come, though. We’re waiting on the Immortal Treasure III, and perhaps more importantly, the Windranger Arcana which will be free to anyone who hits the lofty heights of level 575. And, of course, we still need to wait for The International 10 tournament itself, which was indefinitely delayed due to COVID.

The Toy Butcher Persona is available as a reward today. This joins the other goodies that have so far been released as part of the Battle Pass: an Anti-Mage Persona at level 305, a Wraith King Arcana at level 375, and a Queen of Pain Arcana at level 445.