R. Kelly’s Lawyer Says Security Guard Did Nothing To Stop Assault On The Singer In Jail

R. Kelly’s Lawyer Says Security Guard Did Nothing To Stop Assault On The Singer In Jail

Page Says says there exists a video in which R. Kelly can be seen getting punched by another inmate. The singer-songwriter’s legal team claimed today in court that the security guard never even “raised a finger” when the alleged assault occurred.

As it was previously reported, Kelly was sent to Chicago’s Metropolitan Correctional Center on federal sexual abuse charges. The outlet says Mr. Kelly was assaulted by Jeremiah Farmer, who punched the former R&B legend repeatedly for fame and instant recognition in the media.

His court filing claimed Kelly was left with injuries both physical and psychological. The singer-songwriter’s lawyers haven’t released the video in question. In defense of Kelly, CNN reports that the security guard sprayed Mr. Farmer with pepper spray.

The singer’s legal team argued that the man was allowed to walk through the prison a “great distance” before he finally made his way to R. Kelly. They state Mr. Farmer met no opposition during his walk over to the embattled performer.

In their court documents, they accused the prison of being complicit, and perhaps even encouraging the assault to take place. “That alone merits an evidentiary hearing,” the filing read. As most know, Mr. Kelly is currently up against very serious crimes.

In the state of Illinois, Kelly has been charged with child pornography charges, sexual abuse, racketeering, and sex trafficking. Mr. Kelly has pled not guilty to all of the charges.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Kelly was attacked in the prison by a man with a “F*ck the Feds” tattoo on his face. The singer and his legal team asked for him to be removed from the prison and placed somewhere safe.

However, the court argued that the convict in question had been removed and was transferred to another prison, so Mr. Kelly had no reason to be concerned. Kelly’s incarceration is another by-product of the #MeToo movement which saw the conviction and sentencing of Harvey Weinstein.

Thus far, Kelly, Cosby, and Weinstein are the three biggest figures to be sent away to jail for sexual crimes.