Rapidly Spreading Salmonella Outbreak Reported—Source Currently Unknown

Rapidly Spreading Salmonella Outbreak Reported—Source Currently Unknown

On this past Friday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a warning on the outbreak of Salmonella infections that were rapidly growing. Reports of 212 individuals from over 23 states have reported as being infected, with 31 current hospitalizations.

The illnesses were first seen between late June and early July. According to the latest information, 87 additional individuals were reported with the infection between Tuesday and Thursday.

The CDC has been mapping the reported infections, and most are centralized in Oregon and Utah, respectively, numbering 51 and 40 infections. Other states reporting more than ten infections include Michigan, Arizona, Iowa, California, and Montana.

In most cases, the source of an outbreak such as this can be traced back to the originating food source; however, at this time, the CDC has stated they have not “identified a specific food, grocery store, or restaurant as the source of this outbreak.”

Symptoms of the infection can present with diarrhea, fever, and stomach cramps, which can be seen anywhere from six hours to up to six days after the initial infection. The illness itself can last for up four to seven days.

Medical officials with the CDC is requesting that anyone who presents with the above symptoms to contact their local health department and report the illness.

Those infected will need to undergo treatment as soon as possible. In the meantime, officials are interviewing those infected in an attempt to understand where and how the outbreak occurred.

Salmonella infections can prove fatal in some rare cases. Those individuals with a weakened and compromised immune system are highly susceptible, as are those under the age of 5 and over the age of 65. These individuals are more likely to present with more severe symptoms of the illness

According to officials, the best method to prevent contracting Salmonella infection is to make sure you thoroughly wash your hands and clean fruit and vegetable before they are consumed. It is also suggested that any perishable foods be refrigerated in a timely fashion.

As of now, there has been no advisement of discontinuing the serving, consuming, or selling of any food.

Will the source of this outbreak eventually be discovered before more fall ill?