Raqi Thunda Denies Leaking Joe Budden Audio — Reveals He Designated Her To Spy On Cyn Santana

Raqi Thunda Denies Leaking Joe Budden Audio — Reveals He Designated Her To Spy On Cyn Santana

Joe Budden took to social media to clear up the headlines about him physically abusing Cyn Santana and inappropriately touching dogs. This occurred after his baby’s mother refused to name exactly who leaked the audio and documents that accused him of the horrible acts.

The woman is someone Joe has known for quite a long time — Raqi Thunda. Fans know of her name and face because she’s appeared on multiple reality shows.

Budden dissed her yesterday as ‘slimy’ and ‘nasty.’

Raqi revealed text messages of Joe instructing her what to do with Cyn. It seems that they eventually fell out because he didn’t like the idea of her continuing to manage her music career after the breakup.

‘Im not gonna keep being quiet while you drag my name thru the mud in another poor effort to deflect and keep your imbecilic fanbase under your narcissistic spell! Clearly you need me to help you refresh your severally disintegrated memory and correct the bold face lies you continuously tell! YOU asked me to manage Cyn after your breakup because you thought I would help you keep tabs on her movement like where she was and who she was keeping company with. When I made it clear that as a friend to the both of you I wouldn’t be involved with putting her in a dangerous position or feed you info that will put you in a position to lose what you were working for because you’re a known loose cannon that’s when you lost your shit you started your typical tear down tactics and manipulation of everyone in our circle to outcast me because you weren’t able to control the narrative if neither of us played your game!’


She went on to reveal: ‘As a woman I chose to no longer play wingman to your toxic relationahips and made the choice to sacrifice my time, money and resources to help Cyn because lord knows it was desperately needed in multiple ways! It was for no other reason than to help a young mother make it out of a volatile situation that the both of you sought my advise for religiously as neither one of your have the adult mental capacity to work out your traumas in your toxic deranged relationship! You used me as part of what you call the “Rescue Team” because I’ve played that role time and time again in your many failed tumultuous relationships!’

Raqi claimed that she was designated to keep tags on multiple exes of Joe.

Neither Cynthia or Budden have responded to her claims.