Redfall’s latest official trailer welcomes you to the vampire-infested town

Redfall’s latest official trailer welcomes you to the vampire-infested town

A new official trailer for Arkane Studio’s upcoming title, Redfall, was released earlier today, showing off more of the vampire hunting gameplay and the town where it all takes place. There’s nothing necessarily new shown in the trailer, but it gives us another look at the dark multiplayer shooter. And if you still aren’t sure about the game’s concept, it does a good job of explaining that.

The game centers on a group of survivors that have to face off against a legion of vampires. Players can work together or go it alone to deal with the vampires and take the island back. It’s a pretty simple concept, but in typical Arkane fashion, it’s oozing with style. Redfall also seems like a big game, with the official trailer confirming that it’s indeed an open world.

Like Dishonored and Prey before it, Redfall seems to have the same sort of focus on player choice. This time around, there are four characters to choose from, and they each have their own sort of abilities. For example, Jacob Boyer is a sniper who can turn invisible, and Layla Ellison can use telekinetic powers to make short work of the vampires. Besides powers, each character has a loadout of weapons and gadgets that can be tweaked. While Arkane Studios pushes Redfall as a multiplayer experience, it can also be played in single-player. All of this is shown off in quick succession in Redfall‘s official trailer.

Redfall official trailer

Slay some vampires in 2023

Redfall definitely looks to have some cool features, with some that stand out more than others. I, for one, cannot wait to get my hands on the game. However, Arkane Studios still hasn’t announced a specific release date for the game. For now, all we know is that the game will release sometime in 2023. Arkane is clearly hard at work at making a high-quality experience. Hopefully, the developer is able to nail the game, as the stakes are high for all the vampire hunters out there. Judging from this latest official trailer, Redfall could be something special.