Royce Da 5’9″ Claims Labels Didn’t Want To Clear YBN Cordae Because They Wanted To Keep Him ‘Young’

Royce Da 5’9″ Claims Labels Didn’t Want To Clear YBN Cordae Because They Wanted To Keep Him ‘Young’

Royce Da 5’9,” the rapper who has, for years, been a legend in the hip-hop world, has finally received a Grammy nomination. Hot New Hip Hop came out to say this week that Royce’s new record, The Allegory, is actually up for a Grammy award for the best rap album.

This is great news for Royce and his fans, who have argued for a long time that he is an underappreciated artist. Additionally, Royce has never been able to distance himself from Eminem – Marshall Mathers – whom he has known and worked with for a long time.

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According to Hot New Hip Hop, Royce Da 5’9″ sat down for an interview with Threeletterman3 for a conversation about his Grammy nomination among other subjects. When asked how he felt about it, Royce said it felt “surreal.”

The artist went on to say that it “feels good” to be recognized by the people you’re surrounded by, more importantly, the rapper claimed it felt good for people to notice his work and pay attention to it. “It’s cool,” the rapper remarked.

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The host of the show goes on to mention Royce’s last record, Book of Ryan, saying how it should’ve received a Grammy nomination when it came out back in 2018. Royce claims his label never submitted it for consideration, which is maybe something he should be mad about now.

Reportedly, Royce also explained how YBN Cordae was supposed to be one of the rappers on “Young World,” but the record labels didn’t want him because they wanted him to “stay young.” The rapper went on to say that the record labels are “so caught up in ‘young, young, young, young.’”

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Royce said that the kid obviously wanted to do it, otherwise, he wouldn’t have participated in the project in the first place. Since then, the album has been nominated for a Grammy so the labels probably realize it was a mistake in retrospect.

Additionally, Royce touched on the fact that Eminem’s latest record, Music To Be Murdered By, wasn’t nominated for an award either which he said wasn’t surprising. Royce claimed “everybody has been giving hard time to Marshall” and he can’t understand why.

Royce claimed the rapper has “set the world on fire six times over,” so he would prefer it if his longtime friend would just relax and kick his feet up.