Saints Row: How to get the hoverboard

Saints Row: How to get the hoverboard

The hoverboard is one of the vehicles that you can acquire in Saints Row. Similar to the hoverbike that you get from a mission, it’s got decent speeds, jump capabilities, and a means of crossing bodies of water. However, it’s also got a special move that you can use. Here’s our Saints Row guide to help you get the hoverboard from the Eurekabator Criminal Venture.

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Saints Row guide – How to get the hoverboard

As mentioned above, the hoverboard in Saints Row comes from the Eurekabator Criminal Venture. It can take a while given that you have to progress further in the campaign to get the “Networking” mission. Finishing that gives you access to the Criminal Empire table in your HQ.

From there, you’ll need to build a few more ventures to reach Empire Tier 2, whereupon the Eurekabator establishment can be built (it costs $100,000).

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Once constructed, talk to the NPC who’ll give you the location of an island in the northwest section of the map. That’s where you’ll test the prototype. Hop on it by pressing “E” and follow the instructions.

You’re tasked with blowing up several vehicles, which you can do by jumping and slamming down (i.e., right-click after jumping). This creates an AoE shockwave that ragdolls most vehicles and pushes them in a variety of directions. However, the vehicle can be a bit hard to control at first, and you’ll need to slam down on the roof of cars/trucks to make them explode (merely pushing them away with the shockwave doesn’t cut it).

Saints Row Hoverboard Eurekabator 1

Eventually, you’ll need to destroy more Marshall vehicles in their office building, causing additional troopers to spawn. Wreck the cars with your ground pound, and get out of there. After crisscrossing the streets, you should be able to get them off your tail to complete the test run.

This will reward you with the hoverboard in Saints Row. It’s somewhat okay in combat situations due to the AoE slam (which will take out a bunch of hostiles that are crowding around you). Still, it’s only going to tickle shielded specialists, so you might as well rip them apart with your firearms before going for takedowns.

Saints Row Hoverboard Eurekabator 2

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