Sea of Thieves Festival of Giving returns with new seasonal gifts

Sea of Thieves Festival of Giving returns with new seasonal gifts

A little over a week ago, we reported that Sea of Thieves would be switching up its update method. Rather than delivering monthly content drops, developer Rare is changing to quarterly seasonal updates. That doesn’t stop a Christmas event from arriving though, as the Festival of Giving has returned to Sea of Thieves.

A bunch of this year’s Festival of Giving revolves around different cosmetic items. The 12 deeds of giving is a set of challenges that are available now through January 20. Each deed provides a different objective to complete, and finishing each one nets you a new piece of equipment or an instrument.

Various “Twitch drops” will also take place over the course of the festival. If you’ve enabled the feature in Sea of Thieves, you can watch partnered Twitch content over the course of the seasonal event, to earn new cosmetics. These include new Frozen Horizon items, which look suitably wintery. One of the Frozen Horizons items is a freebie for all though. If you log in and play Sea of Thieves any time in December, you’ll get your hands on the Frozen Horizon Tankard.

The Frozen cosmetics don’t stop there. The Pirate Emporium has been stocked up for the 2020 festive season. There’s a pair of Glacial Curse Pets available in the catalog, alongside some other holiday outfits for your existing pets. Finally, a Frozen Horizon weapon bundle is available, containing four weapons, alongside a Frozen Horizon ship set and various new character emotes.

Deck the halls with canon flares

Ships are the star of the show in Sea of Thieves, and they’ve seen some additional love here. New canon flares are available, if you fancy destroying other ships in style. There’s the Bear & Bird and Cutthroat options, alongside another Frozen Horizon themed item. If you already owned the existing Bear & Bird and Cutthroat cosmetics, the new canon flares will added to your inventory for free.

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As we mentioned earlier in the month, Gilded Voyages are also returning in the Festival of Giving, alongside Black Powder Stashes. These different sets of valuable loot can net you huge rewards, if you manage to secure them safely.

The Festival of Giving is now live in Sea of Thieves.