Ship of Fools gets a late November release date and a new trailer

Ship of Fools gets a late November release date and a new trailer

Quebec-based developer Fika Productions has revealed a release date and new trailer for its latest seafaring rogue-lite, Ship of Fools. The game will offer a fresh spin on the rogue-lite genre by taking you to the sea when it launches on November 22. You (and potentially your friends, as this game supports online and splitscreen co-op) embark on a journey across the seas, where you man your ship’s cannons to fight off a variety of pesky sea monsters.

Ship-based combat often goes one of two ways: very good or very bad. Which way Ship of Fools goes remains to be seen, but the release date trailer certainly goes a long way towards making it look like a delightful co-op experience. It almost seems like a cross between Overcooked and Skull and Bones (maybe with a dash of Castle Crashers).

But wait, there’s more

An aspect of the game I’m quite intrigued by is the map. A hex-based affair, it seems like it will play quite a role in both the strategy and replayability in the game. The aesthetic gets a point for the clean style it’s bringing to the table as well, which, while not significantly contributing to the game, certainly doesn’t hurt.

Obviously, replayability is a big part of the genre. But I find that in most rogue-lites, the strategy of a run affects the overall enjoyment of the game as much as the moment to moment gameplay does. In the end, Ship of Fools looks like it’s shaping up to be an entertaining game that you and some friends can sit down with and have a good ol’ time. It’s also nice to see that November 22 release date locked in.

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Crowded waters this fall

This fall season should be an interesting one. Last year was relatively sparse due to pandemic-related development issues and, as such, it seems we’ll be getting a landslide of titles this year as a result. It’s interesting to see such a competitive holiday season brewing. This year may be one of the most competitive holiday seasons we’ve seen in recent time.