Skate Story is a game of glass art and demons coming in 2023

Skate Story is a game of glass art and demons coming in 2023

The world of skateboarding video games has become a sprawling landscape of titles within the last decade. The genre has been primarily dominated by more arcade-y games like Skate and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater. But, the industry has shown that there are more ways to tell the stories of boarders and their rides outside of trick attacks and score combos. Skate Story is proof of that, melding demonic entities, people made of glass, and tricks into a new game coming out in 2023. We got a new trailer for it last night during the Devolver Digital Showcase 2022.

The trailer for Skate Story starts to chisel out what kind of, albeit different, skateboarding game it is right from the get-go. We get some otherworldly objects floating around the scene while the main character lands a 360-degree flip as a glass skateboarder. It also shows off a number of different moves, including manuals, powerslides, and a slew of flip tricks. Selling your soul in-game allows you to obtain new wheels and decks for the love of the grind.

Do a kickflip!

You might think, “Yeah, it’s a skateboarding game. Of course it has tricks.” But, some of the aforementioned moves aren’t exactly staples to every skate game. And, they aren’t always executed with the finesse and ease shown in the trailer. Sam Eng, the game’s developer, has stated that there are more than 70 tricks available to pull off on your journey to literally swallow the moon and free your soul. That looks like the only way to escape the perils of the Underworld in which you find yourself grinding and flipping through.

Skate Story Feature

Your journey through the Underworld isn’t a silent one, as it’s accompanied by tracks from New York-based quartet, Blood Cultures. There are also additional tracks by artist, John Fio.

Skate Story is currently slated for a 2023 release on PC. Although the game was only recently shown during the Devolver Digital Marketing Countdown to Marketing showcase, its Steam page is now live where you can wishlist it.