Sources Reveal What Made The Kardashians End KUWTK

Sources Reveal What Made The Kardashians End KUWTK

It may be a shock to fans but the KarJenners and many people around them knew that as time changes, the show would have to change or come to an end. Kim Kardashian announced that the latter would be happening and now sources are speaking about what led them to the decision.

By now you know that money is no worry to the family that is booked and busy in their own way.

Kris Jenner is the one who made a multi-billion-dollar brand out of her children and served as their manager for years. Kylie has her cosmetics line.

Kendall has modeling. Khloe has her Good American brand. Kourtney has Poosh. And Kim has, well, everything.

One source claims that the family wanted a substantially higher pay rate that the network just couldn’t afford — especially in the middle of a pandemic.

Another gave an official announcement to ET Online by stating it was a mutual decision.

‘There was no big reason why the family decided to end KUWTK; it was a mutual decision. The kids who started the show now have their own kids and it’s getting very hard to film all together or get enough footage separately. The family is grateful for their time and is happy they have all of these memories filmed for the rest of their lives. The family wanted time to focus more on their family and future projects and the show is a major job that takes up a lot of time.’

Realistically, fans have come to their own conclusions. They feel as though Kanye’s recent tweets hinted that they were headed for a divorce.

Additionally, the rapper didn’t want his family on TV and living away from him any longer.

Whether they stay together or not, fans feel they don’t want what happens next to play out on TV.

Why do you think the famous family pulled the plug?