Spellbreak Guide – The best Runes to use to win games

Spellbreak Guide – The best Runes to use to win games

In Spellbreak, you have four abilities based on your Gauntlet choices and one Rune. This means that your Rune choice has a massive impact on how you play each match. Amazingly, all the Runes in the game are viable at certain points in a match. However, when it comes to choosing the best Runes in Spellbreak, there are two that leap and dash ahead of the rest.

In the early game, the Teleportation and Flight Runes can help you traverse the map faster, which means you’ll gather loot and power up in less time. Springstep and Dash will also help you move and loot faster. However, towards the end of the mid-game, Teleportation and Flight will only buy you time to recover in a fight. They won’t help you win.

The best Runes for any build

Springstep and Dash are the two Runes you want to get familiar with right away. Springstep being the best of the two, because of the added height you get when using it. Movement in battle is key to mastering Spellbreak’s combat and nothing moves you like these two Runes. They allow you to rapidly reposition and avoid enemy attacks, while not removing you from the fight entirely. You can dodge and return fire, as well as use the fast movement to chase down enemies.

You should combine Springstep and Dash with the Runic Fluency Talent, which allows you to have two charges of a Rune. This will make you an incredibly tough target to hit and allow you to run down enemies using Flight or Teleportation. It’ll also let you make a hasty retreat if you need to.

The cooldown of Springstep and Dash is five seconds if your Rune is Epic rarity. If you’re running Runic Fluency, it’s important to remember that when you use your Rune, it will start the cooldown timer from zero. Try not to use your Rune just before the timer resets, as you’ll need to wait for the entire length of the cooldown to get another charge.

The Wolf’s Blood Rune gets an honorable mention because of its ability to see enemies through terrain up to 100m away. This won’t help you win in the final circle. However, having one player in your team running it will allow you to dominate the mid-game. The Wolf’s Blood Rune user can sniff out enemies and point your team in the direction of your next victim.

The worst Runes in Spellbreak

The Featherfall Rune is the least impactful in the game. All it does is help you stay in the air, which is excellent against Stoneshapers and Toxicologists, but it’s not going to win you a match. At the moment, you see many players utilizing Featherfall in the final circle to stay in the air and make it hard for players to kill them. This is bad gameplay and won’t help you improve at the game. I don’t recommend you get into the habit of playing like this. Good players will pick you out of the sky quickly.

The Invisibility Rune sounds good, but again, it’s not going to help you win. It might buy you time to regain health and armor, but good players won’t even lose sight of you when you use it. You’re better off using Springstep or Dash to quickly dodge behind cover and pop a potion.

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