Spellbreak: Guides and features hub

Spellbreak: Guides and features hub

Spellbreak is a fantasy battle royale that challenges you to duke it out with 41 other mages using powerful spells and abilities. The combat is fast, chaotic, and absolutely epic. There are six classes to choose from and you can wield two elements at one time. On top of that, you can choose a class and Talents to create unique builds and playstyles for every match.

Spellbreak review

Official review – Spellbreak is exactly what you want a fantasy-themed magical battle royale to be. You can soar through the skies, cast powerful spells, and combine elements to devastating effect. The combat is fast, chaotic, and absolutely epic. Playing Spellbreak is like taking control of a superhero or a powerful anime character.

Spellbreak guides

The best class in Spellbreak – If you’re just getting started, this is the class you should begin with. Its abilities are easy to use, incredibly powerful, and the playstyle is very forgiving. The guide also includes suggestions for your secondary Gauntlet, Talents to choose, and how to approach fights.

How to beat the Stoneshaper [Coming soon.] – Since you’re going to be seeing a lot of Stoneshapers in the Hollow Lands, here’s a guide to help you deal with the tanky class.

The best Gauntlet combinations for each class – Although the Stoneshaper is the most powerful class, the others are all viable. In the right hands, any of them can be devastating. Here are the best Gauntlets to pair with each class if you want to win.

Tips and tricks to give you the edge – This guide has a lot of information to help you improve your battlemage gameplay. The tips range from simple things you should always do, to more complicated mechanics you can practice.

The best Runes to use to win games – The Rune you choose to run in Spellbreak has a massive impact on your playstyle in a match. For me, two Runes are far superior to the other options available in the game right now.

The best Talents to dominate with – Talents are a major component of your build in Spellbreak and some are far more powerful than others. Here are the Talents you should be running if you want to dominate the Hollow Lands.

How to win more fights [Coming soon.] – Fighting in Spellbreak is incredibly fun and asserting your dominance over another player shows your mastery of movement and magic. Here are some tips to help you improve your battle prowess and slay more mages.

The best places to land in Spellbreak [Coming soon.] – Getting off to a good start can ensure you’re more powerful in the late game. Landing in the right place can also ensure you get the drop on enemies at the start of a match.