Spelunky 2 unearths September release date for PC

Spelunky 2 unearths September release date for PC

The awesome adventures of Spelunky first debuted back in 2012, and this year we will be seeing a sequel from creator Derek Yu. The first glimpse of Spelunky 2 was shown off at the recent PlayStation State of Play event, with a release date on the console on September 15. However, for PC players, the wait will be a little longer as Yu targeted a later release. In a tweet today, we finally know an exact date to expect Spelunky 2 to drop on PC.

Spelunky 2 will be arriving on Steam on September 29. While the game previously already had a Steam page, the release date has yet to be updated. A short delay of two weeks is certainly good news, and players can look forward to even more rogue-like goodness later in the month. For the sequel, it will seem that we will be headed to the moon with a new generation of explorers.

More to unearth

Building upon the unique and randomized challenges that came in the first game, Spelunky 2 will feature both new and familiar elements. Local co-op for up to four players will ratchet up the fun. Online co-op has also been implemented for the first time ever. There are even competitive Arena game modes to enjoy. Taking charge of what looks to be the daughter of the first game’s hero, it is now your turn to unearth more treasures and find missing family.

Spelunky 2‘s world will be both denser and more varied. Traps, treasures, new characters, items, and more lie in wait. There are going to be branching paths, as well as multi-layered levels to test your skills. The return of Damsel the pug will see other animals join the party. Tame them, and they can even be ridden through the levels. Spelunky 2 will also feature dynamic liquid physics that will present new challenges to contend with.

The endless playground that is Spelunky 2 will be coming on September 29. Be prepared for more adventure, and build a community that will make life just a little bit easier.