Squad exits Early Access with full Steam release after five years

Squad exits Early Access with full Steam release after five years

Early access can be both a blessing and a curse. For many, it gives players a chance to help influence the development of a game they are invested in. Developers are also able to tap on that support to keep things moving. On the flip side, there have been plenty of cases where things fell through, leaving a disgruntled community to pick up the pieces. Thankfully, following five years of Early Access, the multiplayer tactical first-person shooter Squad Steam release is a go.

Having shed the Early Access tag, Squad‘s 1.0 update will add the new Fallujah map and a new faction of the Middle Eastern Alliance. The new map will be one of the “most dense city environments to date” in the game. However, the biggest part of the update is that 100 player servers are finally a thing. Previously, the max player count was capped at 80 in Early Access. Squad will now support 100 players, and the community is certainly excited for the increase.

Stocking up the arsenal

The developers are s certainly not stopping at the Squad Steam release. Offworld Industries has detailed a developmental roadmap for the year ahead. Players can look forward to a variety of gameplay and system updates and tweaks. More content such as vehicles, weapons, maps, and factions will also be part of future content. The developers are certainly in it for the long haul.

Together with the full release of Squad, the second season of the Offworld Industries Squad Championship was also announced. The competition will run from October 16 to December 6. It will see 16 teams of 36 players each battle it out in a Swiss-system tournament lasting four rounds. Signups for the tournament will be open until October 2.

If you are looking for an exceptional military shooter that has large environments and boasts an intense experience, the Squad Steam release can be yours for a discounted $30.