Star Wars: Squadrons ship & pilot customization options detailed

Star Wars: Squadrons ship & pilot customization options detailed

It is only about two months before you get to fight it out in space, but EA and Motive Studios are sharing even more juicy details about Star Wars: Squadrons. Outside of the barrel rolls and the blasting, Star Wars: Squadrons will give fans a chance to become one with the universe. At least in terms of cosmetics and ship parts, that is. In a new update, the developers have shared how players will be able to customize both the starfighters and pilots, in both looks and functionality.

As you progress further into Star Wars: Squadrons, more components can be unlocked via Requisition points earned. By changing up the components on your starfighters, the way your ships function can be altered in both subtle and more extreme ways. There are both passive and active enhancements to weigh up. Perhaps you would prefer having better defensive capabilities, or the idea of more combat-orientated abilities suit your playstyle more. Star Wars: Squadrons also gives players the freedom to create loadouts, so you can cater to any situation.

In total, there are seven component slots. For ships without shield generators, that falls to six.

    Primary WeaponsAuxiliary (x2)CountermeasuresHullShieldsEngines

Active tweaks

Pilots are looking at a maximum of three passive components and four active components in Star Wars: Squadrons. Primary weapons, auxiliary components, and countermeasures are part of active components. These skew towards situational uses, and can be significant in altering gameplay. Your main output of damage comes via your cannons, and that can be tweaked to your fancy.

One primary weapon might offer a higher rate of fire but has lower damage output, while another provides powerful long-range damage in the form of burst fire. There are even ion cannons that can cut through shields and disable starfighters, but does little hull damage. Every option is unique and perfect for different situations in Star Wars: Squadrons. It is up to you to find that out for yourself.

As for auxiliary components, they are responsible for your starfighter’s secondary abilities. That could mean a self-repairing astromech, tractor beams to hold enemies in place, or even torpedoes, mines, and bombs. You are unable to double up, however, so no two repair units or missiles on any starfighter. A balanced loadout is always better in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Countermeasures allow you to survive the dogfights for a little longer. Sensor jammers or seeker warheads that take out incoming ordinance are part of the arsenal. Use them wisely, and you might just live to fight another day.

Passive bonuses

The other three passive components are all about the performance of the starfighter. The engines, hulls, and shields can be adjusted in terms of stats and trade-offs. Additional bonuses can also be tapped on if you wished to do so. Being more agile will mean a lesser top speed, a hardier hull will make you less maneuverable.

“There are often trade-offs in what is gained and what is sacrificed, and these decisions can make all the difference in battle,” the blog post explains. “You can learn the ropes quickly, yet you can look forward to discovering new techniques and tactics for months to come.”

Looking good

Star Wars: Squadrons also boasts plenty of cosmetics for pilot and machine. Before you go crazy, you will have to earn some Glory points first. After that, players can go from changing their pilots’ heads to changing their voices. Flight suits, torso apparel, legwear, helmets, and gloves are all part of the deal as well. Motive Studios has made sure to reference the entire Star Wars canon to ensure authenticity as well as variety for players jumping in.

This extends to the starfighters as well.

“Whether you want to represent one of the classic iconic X-wing squadrons like Red Squadron, stay true to the noble values of Vanguard Squadron, or rep an entirely different paint job, you’ll be able to do so,” EA shared. “The same goes for the Imperial fleet. While many pilots may prefer the uniform look, we also have some special customization options for Titan Squadron’s starfighters that remain true to the Empire’s aesthetic.”

That means hull/paint jobs and decals are all yours to choose, so go crazy.

The cockpits in the starfighters have been touched on before, but here is a reminder. You can add small knick-knacks onto the dashboard, lending your view a personal touch. The cockpit hologram and hanging flair can also be customized. Even your enemies will get to see them when they watch a kill-cam of their defeat, talk about adding insult to injury.

For those of you looking for a less distracting time, there is also a handy option to remove all of these items.

No matter how you want your game to look or play, it is entirely up to you. Having the freedom to make your mark on a storied universe like Star Wars is awesome, and you can do so this coming October 2 with Star Wars: Squadrons.