T.I.’s Daughter, Deyjah Harris Talks To Fans About Nourishing The Soul

T.I.’s Daughter, Deyjah Harris Talks To Fans About Nourishing The Soul

T.I.’s daughter, Deyjah Harris shared a post on her social media account about nourishing your soul. Check out what she had to say on her IG account below.

‘what are some things that you can do to nourish your soul?’ Deyjah asked her fans.

A follower said: ‘I started stretching daily… I feel way too good physically and mentally 😁’

A commenter posted this message: ‘If you’re an extrovert: Surround yourself with people that feed your soul. Allow yourself to be around people that don’t deplete your energy. Introvert: stay inside and a hot bath with Epsom salt with your favorite kind of music. Anyone really: yoga, reflective affirmations, and eating dark chocolate (releases serotonin).’

Someone else posted this message: ‘Cut off any distractions, light up some candles, play some therapeutic music, sip some wine & relax the mind.’

A commenter said this: ‘Meditation and reading help me immensely,’ and one other follower posted: ‘Deactivate social media platforms for one month; every other month.’

One other follower said that ‘Shower, light a candle, and start a new show and watch the whole thing by yourself.’

In other news, T.I.’s daughter impressed her fans on social media with a really deep message and a wonderful photo to go with it. Check it out below:

‘you haven’t seen everything you were meant to see. there are people that you haven’t come across. there are countries you haven’t made your way to just yet. there are opportunities and connections that are waiting to be discovered by you. you WILL get to explore the world and its treasures it has to offer, don’t stress yourself out about it. just live for right now and focus on taking the time to explore what it is that your soul desires or needs in order to be at peace,’ Deyjah captioned her post.

Deyjah’s fans are doing their best to find peace and tranquility.