T.I. Shares David Banner’s Video And Message And Has Fans Debating In The Comments

T.I. Shares David Banner’s Video And Message And Has Fans Debating In The Comments

T.I. shared a video and message on his social media account that managed to impress fans. Check out his post below.

‘So much useful information here. And I don’t believe This is gender-specific either. In LIFE we ALL need support from the people who we value and appreciate most. I mean…We have Billions of people to tell US how & why WE CANT achieve/accomplish certain things… & less than .001% who’s willing to open their minds to consider ways we can. Also…time is fleeting. We don’t have nearly as much time to love & cherish our loved ones as we think,’ Tip reposted from David Banner.

‘We’ve all been guilty of chasing money & material shit for our families when what they really need is US (until it ain’t available that is🤷🏽‍♂️)… our presence & undivided attention to support whatever talents, dreams, ideas, ambitions & aspirations they may have. We ALL feed off of energy… for better or worse…. can’t pour out an empty cup. #PerspectiveIsKey #KingsThoughts👑’ Tip captioned his post.


Someone said: ‘That was actually worth the 3:16 my attention paid. Cool & profound info wisdom!’

A follower posted this message: ‘I normally work on my off days to earn extra money. Now I take my off days to spend at home with my youngest son. I’ve missed out on so much of my son’s life due to work, now 2 of my sons are grown.😥’

A commenter posted this message: ‘ gotta take care of your home front through the hustle.’

Someone else said: ‘I needed this ‼️ I’m manifesting the wife that will support me and my dreams alone this journey @troubleman31 #Inspired.’

T.I. shared a message on his social media account that has fans talking. Check out his post.

‘Big Energy. We must become the Creators… not just the Customers. #KingsThoughts,’ Tip captioned his post.

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