Tahiry Reveals Domestic Abuse While In Relationship With Joe Budden — He Responds As Fans Come To Their Own Conclusion

Tahiry Reveals Domestic Abuse While In Relationship With Joe Budden — He Responds As Fans Come To Their Own Conclusion

Tahiry Jose and Joe Budden were once Love and Hip Hop’s most toxic couple. During the last season of the show, it seemed like the two were on such good terms that it made his ex, Cyn Santana, uncomfortable but now she is speaking up about the abuse she suffered while dating the podcast host.

While speaking to Hollywood unlocked, Tahiry told Jason Lee: ‘I think that the way I was dealing with being in a relationship with Joe was just tucking it, hiding it ’cause I can’t stop. I have to keep going because people rely on me ’cause I have to handle stuff, ’cause I have to grow in this business, ’cause I’m not going to fold.’

She went on to say he hit her in the nose and pushed her down a flight of stairs.

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TSR STAFF: Jade Ashley @Jade_Ashley94 _____________________________________ #PressPlay: Recently #TahiryJose did an interview with Hollywood Unlocked, and during their discussion, Tahiry talked about allegedly suffering from abuse at the hands of her ex #JoeBudden during their relationship. On the latest episode of Joe’s podcast, “The Joe Budden Podcast,” he addressed those claims and said that Tahiry was the one that was abusive towards him. _____________________________________ He said, “This young lady is a liar, a cancerous toxic lair. I’m uncertain why she’s lying this way, I’m not certain if she’s misspeaking. If she has a false recollection of things. I’m not sure what it is, but she said some things that did not sit right with my soul.” Joe continued to point out that they were in their early 20’s when they dated. _____________________________________ “We were toxic to each other, and I’m glad that the climate has changed and we’re able to have some conversations today that we couldn’t have back then. Today I am very comfortable saying, you were abusive. You used to beat my a**, you threw—read more at TheShadeRoom.com (🎙: @spotify/ @hollywoodunlocked)—(📸: @gettyimages)

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‘I remember having to talk him out of letting me go that day. I remember having a plan to leave because the reason he was so upset was because I was already leaving. Looking through my phone and s***. But I had already told him. ‘give me two weeks to pack up my things.’ He agreed to it and then started looking through my phone. Next thing you know, I got woken up by him dragging me by my ankle. I managed to get up from that floor.’

Budden has responded — specifically to the punching her in the nose accusation.

He insists that it wasn’t him but another man and he went to the hospital to be with her after it happened. He also revealed that she used to abuse him.

‘You were not clear in how and when and why you got your nose broken. And that Joe had absolutely nothing to do with that. You are a cancerous, toxic, clout, check chasing liar.’

As for social media commentators, they believe both Tahiry and Joe were abusing each other and have picked up that vibe from the formal couple from their past appearances on TV.