Team Meat surprises us with Super Meat Boy Forever release date trailer

Team Meat surprises us with Super Meat Boy Forever release date trailer

It has been a long time coming, but fans have finally gotten what they wished for. The long-gestating Super Meat Boy Forever now finally has a release date. The news comes via a trailer shown during The Game Awards 2020. Team Meat has been hard at work developing the game, and fans will get to experience that sweet platforming goodness come this December 23. You will be able to get the game on PC via the Epic Games Store.

This surprise news is definitely a pleasant one. Super Meat Boy Forever was originally slated to release back in April 2019. However, it was hit with a delay in order to avoid crunch. The noble intentions of the developers were definitely understandable. The totally unapologetic manner in which Team Meat delivered the message of a delay was certainly a refreshing manner in which to address mandatory crunch.

However, the idea back then was that the release would not be too far off from the original date.

Real-world challenge

It is likely that the pandemic caused the development to take on an even slower pace. After about a year and a half since its first date, we will finally be able to punish ourselves with the brand of platforming that has made the game an icon for the genre.

As the sequel to the beloved auto-runner that took the world by storm in 2010, Super Meat Boy Forever already has some post-launch plans lined up. Players can expect more than just challenging platforming to pass the time. There will also be a level editor on the way, along with more DLC.

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The developers have described the DLC as ridiculously hard. If these monsters say it is hard, you know that it is going to cause some mind-numbing rage for sure. Nevertheless, it is great to know that the Epic Games Store exclusive is only about two weeks away.