Temtem gets new trailer detailing 1.0 launch in early September

Temtem gets new trailer detailing 1.0 launch in early September

Temtem recently got a new trailer, revealed by developer Crema detailing new features as the game comes into the launch period. Temtem will officially launch on September 6 on the Humble Store and Steam. The game tasks you with fighting the evil Clan Belsoto while capturing Temtems along the way. It plays much like Pokémon, with each captured monster being able to level, be bred, and be optimized for maximum stats.

Up to this point, Temtem has been playable in early access, and now that it is launching officially there have been many revealed features. The new trailer showcases new locations, the final island of the Airborne Archipelago, as well as Tamer’s Paradise.

Besides new locations, the trailer also gives a look into various combat modes, as well as premium items from the in-game shop (yes, microtransactions). There is also going to be “seasons” in Temtem, which just means there will be a battle pass that updates periodically with new items for each season.

Temtem aims to be an online Pokémon after launch

Temtem offers up Pokémon-like gameplay but with a co-op experience. You can join a massively multiplayer world where you can see your friends and their Temtems. Players are also able to team up with friends in their travels across the world. There will be dual battles to participate in throughout the story, allowing for that experience we all dreamed of as children. Players can catch new Temtem together, or even challenge a Temtem leader.

There is also a competitive aspect. Players can choose eight Temtems and then go through a pick/ban phase down to five Temtems. From there the battle will begin, and a ranked system will be established.

Along with this of course comes the options to customize the character, as well as purchase items from a rotating weekly store.

Finally, the launch trailer shows housing options, where you can decorate and customize your personal space for your Temtems, in a similar fashion to Animal Crossing. You can check out the new launch trailer for Temtem below.