Temtem Weekly Reset brings 4x Luma encounter chance to the Saipark

Temtem Weekly Reset brings 4x Luma encounter chance to the Saipark

The Temtem Weekly Reset has arrived on time this week. Crema seems to have sorted out the timing issues it was having and players are going to be eager to get their Luma hunting in. This week has some run-of-the-mill rewards from the FreeTem! Organisation. However, it brings with it the best Luma Temtem encounter rate the game has ever had in the Saipark.

FreeTem will help you train your Temtem

As with all weeks where there are Lumas running around the Saipark, it’s a waste of time to get SaiCards from FreeTem. Unfortunately, that’s what the tier one reward is. If you’re TV training some of the new Temtem from Kisiwa or only just getting around to training Temtem from the older islands, you’ll be thankful for the tier two reward, Enhancer Watermelon.

The tier three reward, Vitality DNA Strands are excellent if you’re still breeding Temtem for Ranked Matchmaking – they will save you a lot of time and effort. As for the tier four reward, Telomere Hacks are always good. FreeTem is handing them out weekly and if you’re diligent, you’ll soon have enough to power up one of your Temtem to a perfect SV powerhouse.

Your best chance to catch a Luma Temtem

The two Luma Temtem you can hunt in the Saipark this week are Blooze and Zephyruff. Blooze has a 50% spawn chance and a 3x multiplier on its chance to be a Luma. Those aren’t good odds. On the other hand, Zephyruff has a 75% spawn chance with a whopping 4x multiplier on its chance to be a Luma Temtem. You’re still looking at 1/2,000 chance to encounter a Luma. But it’s better than anything we’ve ever had in-game before.

The best part about catching a Luma Zephyruff is that it doesn’t need an Egg Technique. So, if you manage to catch one, you can use it in Ranked Matchmaking. You could also use your collection of Telomere Hacks to make its SV stats perfect. On top of that, both Volarend’s Traits are viable, so you can use it whichever one you get.