Teresa And Joe Giudice Think Divorcing Was The Right Thing To Do – Here’s Why!

Teresa And Joe Giudice Think Divorcing Was The Right Thing To Do – Here’s Why!

Fans of RHONJ know that the divorce between Teresa and Joe Giudice has been finalized but even though they’re no longer a married couple, there is no drama between these co-parents of four! In fact, they both agree that ending their longtime marriage was the best decision for everyone involved!

Here’s why they are convinced they did the right thing!

The reality TV stars went through a lot during their two decades long marriage and that includes amazing highs but also horrible lows.

After his release from prison and some more time in ICE’s custody, Joe was allowed to live freely while still appealing his deportation orders but only in Italy!

That being said, Teresa and the four daughters they share were able to visit him and that is when they both realized things were over between them and that there really was no reason for them to stay together.

Now, one insider tells HollywoodLife that ‘Teresa does not look at this as finally pulling the plug on the marriage. Teresa and Joe have been separated and talking about divorcing for a while and they are extremely amicable. They just wanted to get the divorce done and to move forward with their lives as they live halfway around the planet from one another.’

Apparently, during the visit to Italy, Teresa refused to share a bed with her husband.

This came after the man had completed no less than 41 months in prison and a few more in ICE’s custody, time during which Joe and Teresa were, of course, physically separated.

A previous source also shared with the same news outlet that ‘They talk daily and are really friendly. This also did not come as a shock to their girls. They told them months prior that this was happening. They want to see their dad badly and had to cancel their trip due to COVID-19. As soon as it’s safe to travel to Italy, they will visit, which they’re hoping will be soon.’