Text-based political drama RPG Suzerain will release in December

Text-based political drama RPG Suzerain will release in December

Have you ever looked at the government and thought you could do a better job? That premise has given us plenty of politically driven management games over the years, and one more will join the ranks this when Suzerain releases in December. Torpor Games’ text-based RPG has players taking on the role of President Rayne. As the newly elected leader of Sordland, it is up to you to navigate the political battlefield in your first term. Will it be glory or ruin that awaits? It is all up to you in this 400,000 words text-based branching drama.

With the echoes of the previous government still strong, and the economy undergoing duress, your job is not going to be easy. Your neighbors are watching you, with military threats just over the horizon. Put together your best Cabinet members in Suzerain, only then can you forge strong policies and practices for your government. Deals have to be made, be it for the people or for yourself. After all, the better off the country, the more you stand to gain.

Beware, however, for everyone has their own ideals and agenda. You are not the only one with the power.

Hard choices

Suzerain also brings in the family side of things when it comes to politics. Players will be challenged on the political front, but will also have to balance the family life. It is a difficult task trying to be a good father and a good president at the same time. When the time comes, there will be hard choices to make as well.

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Every decision you take in Suzerain will have some ramifications. How that will turn out will depend on your own unique situation. This blend of choice, storytelling, and political intrigue makes for an interesting take on this genre, and it remains to be seen just how deep it can go.

If you are ready to take office, Suzerain will release on Steam on December 4.