The Amount Of Media Coverage That His Honeymoon With Jennifer Lopez Received Was Not Something Ben Affleck Was Grateful For

According to an insider who spoke to Page Six, Ben Affleck , who faced the spotlight of paparazzi during his first affair with Jennifer Lopez , battled with the number of photographers following them on their honeymoon.

The insider claims that Ben “was a little spooked out” in Paris. This was on an entirely new level. “Almost Princess-Diana level,” was added.

The attractive couple received unheard-of press coverage in 2002. They were even compelled to think about having “decoy brides” on their impending big day, forcing them to delay their first scheduled wedding in 2003.

They announced their decision to delay the wedding in a release the day before the scheduled ceremony: “Due to the increased attention from the media around our marriage, we have chosen to move the date.”

The insider claims that Ben is accustomed to the flashing lights. He thought the honeymoon was a tsunami, though. Even though Jen is built of steel and is aware that it is par for the course, he still loses his cool. Lopez, 53, appears flawless in every picture, whereas Affleck always appears to be designed for memes.

Page Six proclaimed one photograph in which he grapples to weigh iced coffees, a box of munchkins, and his mail to be the ideal analogy for the overpowering events of 2020.

This photograph shows him looking downcast while gazing out to sea, along with another well-known image of him with a cigarette with his closed eyes in evident despair.

In keeping with his usual behavior, a photo taken of Affleck, 49, during a recently Seine River ride with Lopez and their respective kids reveals him at the front of the boat, dozing off with his mouth wide open. On the Place du Trocadéro, close to the Eiffel Tower, he was also seen crying at La Giraffe.