The best Hitman 2 mods to celebrate 20 years of this fantastic franchise

The best Hitman 2 mods to celebrate 20 years of this fantastic franchise

Just last November, we celebrated 20 years of Hitman. It’s hard for some of us who don’t want to believe that their bodies are slowly crumbling as they age, but the first entry did in fact launch that long ago. Agent 47 is still in his prime though, so you don’t need to worry about the crazy stunts you’re sure to pull in Hitman 3. For now though, I’ve put together the best Hitman 2 mods around as part of our celebration of all that is Hitman.

Before you start, I’m well aware that Hitman 2 is a veritable treasure trove of user-created content already. The game’s Contracts mode is something I’ve wasted more hours than I care to mention in. However, the game might have a glut of content that you’ll never be able to get through, but there’s always something you need a mod to do. How is the built-in content creator system going to allow you to play as a celebrity? Or maybe even mess around with the fundamental systems built into the game’s contracts? For that, you need mod authors and their brilliant minds.


The following Hitman 2 mods are all about improving the base mechanics of the game. They might not all be essential, but they all offer something you can’t get in the game as it is.

All Missions Offline

There isn’t a lot to say about this mod, but it does quite a lot. One huge point of contention with Hitman 2 is that you can’t play certain pieces of content offline. This mod adds all of that content including Sniper Missions and Seasonal Missions to the offline screen. If you’re having troubles with your connection or just don’t want to always play online, then this is a great mod to pick up.

All Missions Offline Hitman 2 Mods

UI Toggle

As with the above mod, this one needs very little explanation. The UI in Hitman 2 might be pretty minimal, but there could always be less. With this mod, you can pick and choose what elements of the HUD will appear on-screen. It’s a mod for those who want total immersion in the world of Agent 47.

Ui Toggle Hitman 2 Mods


Each of these mods focuses on improving Agent 47. This is something that you’re very limited in doing with the base game. With these Hitman 2 mods though, you’ve got a plethora of options.

John Wick Pack

Agent 47 is not John Wick, and John Wick is not Agent 47. However, each character shares several characteristics. If you’ve ever run around Miami killing every NPC in your way while feeling as though you could be the character that Keanu Reeves perfectly portrays, this mod will take you the rest of the way. Granted, it doesn’t get rid of Agent 47’s signature bald head, but it’s a good middle ground.

John Wick Pack Hitman 2 Mods

The Statham

If you liked the above mod, then this one’s going to blow your mind. It transforms Agent 47 into Jason Statham. Not only is the actor a fitting candidate for any new potential Hitman films, but he’s also played a number of secret agents throughout his career. I can’t think of a more perfect cosmetic mod than this one.

The Statham Hitman 2 Mods

Playable Stone, Knight, and Lucas Grey

This mod is a tad more realistic than the previous cosmetic ones. It allows you to play as Stone, Knight, and Lucas Grey across all missions in Hitman 2. The mod alters three suits, meaning you can literally pick each character prior to entering a mission. It might not be lore-friendly, but it’s an interesting way to experiment with the game’s world.

Playable Stone Knight And Lucas Grey Hitman 2 Mods

Numbered Barcode

This final cosmetic mod is one that you’ll probably barely notice as you play. It’s more of a fix that you might install if you have severe OCD about Agent 47’s barcode. There are a few different sources that contain the exact numbers of this barcode, reported to be used to access secure areas of the facility in which he was created. The mod is a redesign of Agent 47’s barcode to include and fits in the serial number associated with it. Underneath all those disguises, you can rest easy knowing that the barcode is definitely there.

Numbered Barcode Hitman 2 Mods


With these mods, you’ll see some drastic changes to the gameplay. Some sound brilliant, and others look like they’d be fun to try out. All of them bring something new to Hitman 2.


This is a simple mod, but it’s extremely powerful. It adds the focus ability to all weapons. With this mod installed, holding the Shift key will activate focus, making it far easier to aim and shoot at enemies.

Focus Hitman 2 Mods

Choose Your Own Adventure – Marrakech

If you’re bored of The Gilded Cage mission, then you need this mod. It replaces the mission by choosing your own adventure tale that sees you side with either Crystal Dawn or the pro-democracy group Arab Spring. There are four possible objectives, and they change on the fly. You can even load up the mission and choose which side to work for at the last second. It’s a very cool way to mix up the base Hitman 2 gameplay in an imaginative way that will keep you guessing until the end.

Choose Your Own Adventure Marrakech Hitman 2 Mods

Realistic AI

This is the first of two difficulty mods I’ve included. This one only affects Master Mode, making the AI smarter, more alert, and more realistic. It’s something that only those who have mastered this mode should even bother trying, because it’s messing with some core coding and trying to trip you up.

Realistic Ai Hitman 2 Mods

Mission Difficulties Mod

This is the second difficulty mod for the game, and it’s much bigger than the last one. It will only work offline, because it’s that hardcore. Features from Master Mode are brought forward to every mission, even those that don’t normally have it. All in all, it adds a layer of challenge on top of these already quite difficult missions.

Mission Difficulties Mod Hitman 2

Special Assignment – Malpractice

If you want something a bit different from your contracts, then this is the mod for you. It’s only slightly more complicated than a standard contract would be on the Patient Zero mission, but it’s enough to make it feel like a brand new mission all on its own. On top of the pandemic that the facility is dealing with, you need to kill your highly secured target with a loud weapon and still escape. This is so far from easy that you can’t even tell what that difficulty looks like.

Special Assignment Malpractice Hitman 2

Mission – Target Practice

This mission caught my eye because of how different it is from the base Hitman 2 experience. It’s based on the Training Yacht mission that serves as a tutorial, but takes it to the next level. This is a mission in which you need to kill your contract to figure out the next one. There are four in total, and you have to avoid alerting everyone until the last one is killed. Otherwise, you don’t stand a chance of getting through them all.

Mission Target Practice

The Elusive Four – Contract

This final gameplay mod is another interesting mission one. It puts you into the Marrakesh map during the day and tasks you with killing four targets who don’t show up in Instinct vision. You get clues about each, but you’ve got to be smart to figure out which exact NPC is the target you need to kill. You also have to do that four times in total. This is not an easy time, but it’s a lot of fun.

The Elusive Four

Just for fun

This final section of Hitman 2 mods are all purely for fun. These not serious in any way, but if you want the game to have an even wackier feel, these are the mods you need to use.

Thomas is Coming to Town

Just like the mod that replaces dragons in Skyrim with Thomas the Tank Engine, this mod replaces random objects throughout each mission in Hitman 2 with the obnoxious blue train. Get ready for some truly immersion-breaking gameplay.

Thomas Is Coming To Town

Agent 17

This mod transforms you into the completely different protagonist, Agent 17. Enjoy this absolutely fantastic new character in the Hitman universe. (If you can tell the difference between him and Agent 47, then you’ve one better than me).

Agent 17

Banko-Kazzoie Extra-Life Statue

I love this last mod because it brings Banjo-Kazooie into the world of Hitman. It replaces all Cowboy Bust mesh textures with a pretty poor model of Banjo. Still, it’s Banjo-Kazooie. You like Banjo-Kazooie, right?

Banjo Kazooie

That’s it for the best Hitman 2 mods you can download today. We hope you have fun playing around with these ones. If you’ve got a few that you think are worthy of this list, then let us know about them in the comments.