The Dark Pictures: Little Hope interview delves into characters and story choices

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope interview delves into characters and story choices

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope is just over two months away, and Bandai Namco has posted a second interview with one of the game’s actors. Will Poulter sat down to discuss the characters within the next Dark Pictures title and the story choices they make. Poulter portrays three full roles in Supermassive’s upcoming horror game, which all exist across different scenarios. Part one of the interview was posted last week.

Poulter’s primary role is that of a student, Andrew, who embarks on a trip to the town of Little Hope. Andrew is somewhat confused about how and why he got there, following a bus crash. Poulter speaks about how Andrew plays off the school professor character, which breaks up the sense of horror and dread. Humor in general is a common theme in Little Hope, which definitely speaks to Supermassive’s cheesy-horror inspirations. Poulter also plays characters Anthony and Abraham, but little is known about them so far.

The town of Little Hope looks like it will play a huge part in the overall story. Its people suffered a similar fate to those of the Salem Witch Trials, and those events still haunt the town. When asked, Poulter said he’d rather be chased by a demon than a Witch hunter, which shows just how terrifying the enemies of Little Hope might be.

Witch way to turn

As usual with a Supermassive developed game, player choice is key. When asked about giving advice, Poulter said that players should continually play around with the game’s branching pathways. “Die again, try again” is the order of the day according to Poulter. The actor also expressed just how much is hiding beneath the surface in Little Hope. It requires “genuine effort and endeavour” to discover the game’s hidden clues and “decode the broader conundrum” of the town of Little Hope.

We’re looking forward to getting our hands on The Dark Pictures: Little Hope this year. It launches just before Halloween, on October 30.