The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: Golbargh’s demon statues and the secret boss

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: Golbargh’s demon statues and the secret boss

The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos has several puzzles for you to solve and even a few secrets to discover. One of those happens to be Golbargh’s demon statues and completing this puzzle lets you battle the secret boss. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: Golbargh’s demon statues

Golbargh is one of the characters you’ll meet in The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet of Chaos. Still, you’ve probably noticed a few demon statues that bear an uncanny resemblance to him. These statues are found on various floors and turning them around doesn’t seem to do anything… until you discover the Demonomicon.

The Demonomicon is found on the third floor before you battle Zangdar. Check out Zangdar’s bedroom (seen above). The passage will lead you to a smaller room with a riddle — the answer is “the air.”

Once you’ve opened the room, you’ll see a demon statue and a lootable object which contains the Demonomicon. Go ahead and read it.

The Demonicon’s puzzle

As you can see, the Demonomicon offers a few cryptic clues about the demon statues. There are nine of these in total, and you’ll spot them on every floor except for the zones you can’t revisit. Later in the guide, I’ll offer a summary of the solutions. For now, I’ll explain each passage and how I was able to solve this puzzle. Just remember that you can interact with these statues in any order you want.

Passage 1: “Those which will never see the light of day face the rising sun.”

    Clue: This refers to the statues in the basement and the caves since they’re underground. Basement statue location: Next to the Gambling Den area. Direction: East

    The Caves statue location: In the central room in the Lair of the Stalkers area. Direction: East

Passage 2: “The highest of them all watches the southern skies.”

    Clue: This means the seventh floor/rooftop. Rooftop statue location: In a small nook next to the Chicken Coop area. Direction: South

Passage 3: “Her earthbound sister watches the arrival of the unknowing.”

    Clue: Earthbound means the ground floor/first floor. Ground floor statue location: Inside the Crypt section of the map. Direction: South – This is because “the unknowing” are clueless adventurers who enter The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk, your characters, since they’re not aware of the curse. The Adventurer’s Door is at the southern end of this floor.

Passage 4: “The one nearest to him curses at deafening rituals.”

    Clue: Since the Golbargh is on the fifth floor/Abandoned Floor, the statue here is the one nearest to him. Abandoned Floor statue location: In the room next to the privy. Direction: South – The “deafening ritual” refers to the stage and concert area in the nearby room. The statue faces towards that since it “curses” that commotion.

Passage 5: “Another shuns mortals who burn their gold away.”

    Clue: The Tavern/second floor has these “mortals who burn their gold away” due to all their drinking and merrymaking. Tavern statue location: In the northwestern section of the map; the open area with the garden. Direction: West – “Shunning” means to face away from the people in the tavern area.

Passage 6: “The antepenultimate stares at the eastern wastes of ice.”

    Clue: “Antepenultimate” means third from the last. That’s not really much of a clue itself. So, I relied on a process of elimination. The fourth floor/Goblin Workshops has a statue, and it’s also got a “skating rink” — aka. “wastes of ice.” Goblin Workshop statue location: In a small room at the very center of the map. It’s near the colored lever puzzle. Direction: East – It should face the skating rink which is to the east.

Passage 7: “The next one favors the setting sun.”

    Clue: Again, based on the process of elimination, we only have the sixth floor left. Prison/sixth floor statue location: At the northwestern section of the map. It’s in a small nook in the open area. Direction: West (the setting sun).

Passage 8: “The last one troubles the slumber of the Dungeon Master, cursing him for eternity.”

    Clue/location: Remember that statue near where we found the Demonomicon? Direction: West – Since it’s “cursing” the Dungeon Master during his “slumber,” it has to face Zangdar’s bedroom.


    Caves – East Basement – East Ground floor – South Second floor – West Third floor – West Fourth floor – East Fifth floor – South Sixth floor – West Seventh floor – South

Once you’ve gotten all the demon statues to face in the right directions, you’ll receive the Demon Orb. Go to Golbargh’s Lair on the fifth floor and prepare to fight The Dungeon of Naheulbeuk‘s secret boss.

The secret boss: Golbargh

Of course, the secret boss is none other than the demon himself, Golbargh. Truth be told, I wasn’t really able to see his full capabilities. By the time I fought him, all my characters were already level 10, so he’s quite a pushover. I do know that he’s got a massive AoE attack that he charges up once he takes his first turn.

However, you could interrupt him by using any ability that pushes him away — i.e., the Barbarian’s Rib Crusher, the Dwarf’s Get Tae [email protected]$*, and the Ogre’s Kadoula Opog.

During the second round, he’ll summon multiple skeletons to the fight as well, but you’re free to ignore them.

Focus your attacks on the Golbargh and he should be down in no time. For your efforts, you’ll obtain several legendary armor pieces for the Barbarian, Ranger, and Thief. This also nets you the “We Come In Peace” achievement.

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