The Entropy Centre is a puzzle game inspired by Portal 2, but with a talking gun

A new puzzle game inspired by Portal 2 is coming from indie developer Stubby Games. The Entropy Centre got a fresh trailer during The Future Games Show this afternoon. The game is a single-player, first-person puzzle adventure that challenges the player’s perception of time and reality. Expect The Entropy Centre to hit the proverbial internet shelves before the end of the year.

The trailer shows The Entropy Centre to be puzzling, challenging your mind to think in different ways to create solutions. Instead of a portal gun, you have a time gun that talks and provides… interesting quips throughout the game. Now to be published by Playstack, the game looks to be an interesting experience that should remind players of Portal — the snarky narrator, especially.

The Entropy Centre trailer shows gameplay and characters

The game is set on a giant space station, with players taking control of the main character, Alya. The Entropy Centre is about to collapse, and there is nowhere to go. Earth is a ball of fire due to an extinction-level event. You must set off to repair The Entropy Centre, or die trying. As mentioned, you are not alone on your adventure. You’re joined by the AI called ASTRA inside the entropy gun: the tool used to manipulate time and reality.

The Entropy Centre Annnounced 1920x1080

The Handheld Entropy Device stores energy that you can then use to turn back the hands of time. There is much to do on the way to the heart of the spaceship. From repairing bridges torn apart by time, to putting back shelves that have fallen in your path, it seems there are interesting situations to puzzle through. ASTRA acts as a GLADOS-like character. Expect constant reminders that the gun can talk, while hopefully never becoming annoying as so many side characters do.

The Entropy Centre is the first foray into development for UK-based Stubby Games. It is looking to break into the indie game market, and make a lasting impact as a developer. The founder of Stubby Games, Daniel Stubbington (amazing last name) talks about how committed the team is to bringing a new experience to players

“The Entropy Centre isn’t pulling any punches” Stubbington said. “This is the game that I’ve wanted to craft for a long time and I can’t wait to see players delve into this crazy time-manipulating world that I’ve created.”

The Entropy Centre will release later this year on PC via Steam.