The Game Awards 2020 — Liveblog as it happens

The Game Awards 2020 — Liveblog as it happens

Hello, and welcome to purgatory. I’m your guide, Virgil, and– wait, bugger. No. Welcome to The Game Awards 2020, which just feels like purgatory. For the next few hours I’ll be heading up the PC Invasion liveblog of the event. Everything PC-related in The Game Awards will be posted up right here, as it happens.

I’ll also probably be posting up a lot of things that aren’t PC-related, because a fair few of them are going to deserve me glaring at them. That’s what I’m here for, after all. Our crack team of news writers will also be on the case, posting up the big announcements as they happen, and I’ll try to remember to link those stories as and when I get time. They will probably be slightly less snarky than me, if that’s more your thing.

Please note: there’s no auto-refresh on this page. You’ll have to manually refresh to read my latest exasperated thoughts, expressed via keyboard. Alternatively, you can keep an eye on our main page to see the news as it gets posted, or you can just check in every 30 minutes or so and read up on what’s happened since. It’s up to you! Finally, all times below are in US Eastern time, and the latest updates will be at the bottom of the page rather than the top. Without further ado, the liveblog:

The Liveblog

6:33pm – And we’re off. Sydnee Goodman has kicked off the pre-show, which, if past Game Awards are anything, are going to be full of awards and announcements. At this point I’m not quite sure what qualifies it as a pre-show, honestly.

6:35pm – Sydnee has claimed that the reason we’re all here is for the awards. I do not think that’s true. Anyway, Final Fantasy VII Remake wins Best Score, so there we go. One award given away already, and we’re 30 minutes out from The Game Awards.

6:37pm – Nina Struthers of Devolver is here for a bit, so that’s something for us all to be happy about because Devolver generally have the best E3 show.

It’s the Devolver Digital Game of the Year 2021, everyone! Devolver is truly ahead of everyone, giving out awards for things that aren’t out yet, which is definitely not something that The Game Awards will be doing later on tonight. And the winner is… Loop Hero, by Four Quarters. If you don’t know what that is, that’s because it was unannounced until this exact moment.

6:39pm – While we’ve got a moment as a world premiere for Tchia has just ended (which looks neat), can I just point out how patently ridiculous it is that we’re 6 minutes into the pre-show and we’ve had two reveals, and we’re now on the second award? It’s not like it’s a minor award, either: this is Best Action/Adventure Game. What the hell is the difference between this and the actual show except that Geoff Keighley is presumably still in the dressing room? Why is this the pre-show?

Oh dear, the winner was The Last of Us Part II. I’ll refrain from comment.

6:41pm – Sea of Solitude is being reworked for Switch. I’m assuming the reworked version will probably also come to PC. (Never mind, the trailer says it’s only on Switch). Anyway, there’s a trailer for that now, so I’ve got a few minutes to think about all the mistakes I made that brought me to this point.

6:47pm – Shady Part of Me trailer, which is actually out now, apparently. And I think we have a review of that coming soon, but– oh gods, three awards? Right now? They’re really rushing these out, aren’t they? Good thing this show is definitely all about the awards, and they aren’t rushing through those to get to the trailers and reveals.

Okay, Best Family Game is Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Best Community Support goes to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout, and I have no idea what that award actually means. Finally, Best Debut Game goes to Phasmophobia, which should surprise basically nobody.

Phasmophobia Smudge Stick

6:48pm – “That’s five trophies down and The Game Awards haven’t even officially started yet!” says Sydnee. No shit, Sydnee. It makes me wonder why this is a pre-show.

Reddit thinks Ghost of Tsushima is the best game of the year. Thanks, Reddit. And then Sydnee says we’re taking a break… before immediately cutting away to Rand Miller talking about Myst for the Oculus Quest. I’m not sure that’s what a break is. I think that’s a segment, not a break.

Anyway! Lyn and the Persona Music Band are here (well, in an internet sense; I think they’re actually in Japan) to perform Last Surprise from Persona 5 Strikers. So we can sit and enjoy some good music for a bit.

6:54pm – Nier: Replicant ver 1.22474487139 gameplay trailer! And I’m utterly horrified that this has, for some reason, been relegated to the pre-show. I mean, as noted I really don’t know what the pre-show means, except that it’s probably “all the stuff we didn’t think was worthy of the proper show”. But welp. That’s out on the 23rd of April.