The latest Black Ops Cold War patch notes focus on scorestreaks tuning

The latest Black Ops Cold War patch notes focus on scorestreaks tuning

Treyarch keep making improvements to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War as they have rolled out yet another patch update. Notably, this is the third patch update that has been released over a three day period. The latest Black Ops Cold War patch update mainly focuses on the tuning of scorestreaks, zombies, and more.

To begin, the developers have rolled out a small playlist update. Nuketown 24/7 has returned as the featured playlist. This has replaced the Motherland Moshpit playlist. In terms of weapons, a minor recoil issue with the M60 has been fixed. Moreover, the alignment of the multizoom scope has been improved, providing you with better accuracy.

Next, a range of scorestreaks have experienced damage changes and adjustments to their cost. The RC-XD car has received a small buff as it now has the ability to destroy sentry turrets with a single explosion. Next, the napalm strike has been hit with the most adjustments. The overall radius of the explosion has been reduced by 16%. Also, the inner damage has been reduced by 10% and the outer damage has been reduced by 12.5%. Similarly, the artillery now has a reduced outer damage by 20%, and an issue has been corrected with explosion damage.

The first scorestreak to have a raised cost is the attack chopper. The points required have been increased by 500 points, from 4500 to 5000. The chopper gunner now requires 8000 points, compared to previously, when only 6500 points were needed. The cost of the VTOL escort has been reduced from 8000 to 7000. As a result the VTOL escort may prove to be a popular alternative following the scorestreak changes.

More zombies fixes feature in the Black Ops Cold War patch

A further fix has taken place regarding zombies progression. An issue which stopped the hunter mastery calling card from unlocking has been fixed. As well as general stability issues in both Die Maschine and Dead Ops Arcade, there are also some gameplay fixes. Included is a fix for an issue with the ammo mod attachment appearing incorrectly. Additionally, the icons for the wunderfizz perk are now greyed out if you can not afford them.

With Season 1 releasing on December 16, players should expect even more improvements. With the regular updates Treyarch are making, perhaps, we could expect another Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War patch soon.

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