The next Batman Arkham game gets more teases closer to DC Fandome

The next Batman Arkham game gets more teases closer to DC Fandome

DC Fandome, the online streaming event for all things DC Comics, is set to start this Saturday on August 22. We already know that two games will be announced and shown off at the event. The first is Rocksteady’s new game Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and the second is an unannounced title from WB Montreal, the same studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins.

WB Montreal has been teasing this Batman game for quite some time and has now doubled down on the hints in the final week leading up to Fandome. The WB Montreal Twitter account posted another cryptic message, in which a mysterious symbol emblazoned with an owl can be seen flashing on the screen. In addition, a website has been set up that is simply titled ‘R3DAKT3D’. The site features the phrase “We have been expecting you,” along with a date of August 18, which is 4 days before Fandome.

We can take this to mean that we may get a reveal trailer tomorrow from this site, and the Fandome presentation will be a more in-depth look at whatever is revealed. Considering the Fandome presentation is scheduled to last only 20 minutes, it would make a lot of sense time-wise.

The Court will soon be in session

The owl symbology once again leads many to assume that the new game, rumored to be titled “Batman: Arkham Legacy” will revolve around the Court of Owls. The original story about the Court arc was written by now legendary Batman scribe Scott Snyder. The story focuses on a secret cabal that rules over Gotham City and recounts Batman’s encounter with it. It’s a rough ride for Batman, who can’t believe the organization ran Gotham the entire time right under his nose. The group also challenges his previously held belief that Gotham was ‘his’ city.

This leads to some amazing setpieces like a fight with the Court’s secret assassin, Talon, who they even try to brainwash Dick Grayson into taking up the mantle of. There’s also a harrowing scene with Batman stuck in an endless maze below Gotham, emaciated and losing his mind while trying to escape. The entire story is a perfect breeding ground for a game, and I really hope these rumors are true. We will know one way or another when we see what the R3DAKT3D site has to offer us tomorrow.