The Outlast Trials brings co-op to the hit, gruesome horror series

The Outlast Trials brings co-op to the hit, gruesome horror series

The Outlast franchise is something that all fans of horror should at least be familiar with by now. It’s one of those franchises that doesn’t hold back when it comes to ways of keeping you from falling asleep at night. If you’re one of those types who appreciates a good jump scare along with dark magic and plenty of gore, you are indeed in luck. The Outlast Trials is the next installment in the franchise, and it adds co-op this time around.

The Outlast Trials appeared again at Gamescom 2022 today with a trailer to remind us just how brutal and creepy it can be. Fortunately, it’s just a simulation of a simulation. Nothing can hurt you, physically. Emotionally? No guarantees. You might be able to avoid some trauma if you bring some friends though. At worst, you’ll enjoy group therapy.

For research… and science

Red Barrels mainly lets the trailer do the talking, but we do have some extra details on what we can expect in The Outlast Trials. As mentioned, it’s technically a simulation. The Cold War is ongoing, and you’re part of a research team at the Murkoff Corporation. Well, you’re actually just the human guinea pigs, involuntarily recruited for testing advanced methods of brainwashing and mind control. But science is important stuff.

The gameplay premise is pretty simple. Survive the twisted, sadistic, and bizarre experiments of the Murkoff Corporation, alone or in a group up to four players. You’ll see plenty of things you probably wish you didn’t, and baddies will try to drill your face if you’re not looking out.

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As far as gameplay pacing and specific objectives, there’s still a lot that’s unknown about this upcoming release. However, the developers did have the following to say about The Outlast Trials: “It’s always better to shit your pants in good company.”

There’s no word on a release date for The Outlast Trials, but there will be a closed beta on October 28 through November 1. You can keep up with updates via the game’s Steam page. With this addition, 2022 should be another good year for horror games.