The Summer Games Done Quick Marathon is live and streaming

The Summer Games Done Quick Marathon is live and streaming

The speedrunning community is a dedicated subset of gamers that pull off miraculous feats of game completion. Interest in the concept has steadily grown over time and now fans enjoy a series of prominent events throughout the year. The GDQ organization is one of the better known hosts for speedrunning, and they’ve just kicked off the Summer Games Done Quick 2020 Online marathon.

You can catch the stream throughout the week on Twitch. The times vary, but it is generally live through Sunday of this week. The event features hundreds of games from various genres with top speedrunners raising money for charity. That includes everything from Nintendo classics like Donkey Kong Country to modern releases such as Doom Eternal. With so many options, there’s something for everyone. Stop on by; you may even learn a new thing or two about one of your favorite games. You may even discover some new games worth trying.

For a great cause

This year’s Summer Games Done Quick donations benefit Doctors Without Borders. They are an international medical humanitarian aid organization providing lifesaving medical humanitarian care and speaking out about what they see in those areas. Last year, Summer Games Done Quick raised $3 million USD for the organization. It will be particularly interesting to see how the medical organization fares this year, given the existence of an international pandemic.

As you may have noted, this year features a purely remote experience due to the health risks of the pandemic. Normally the event takes place at the Double Tree Hilton Hotel in Minnesota. Despite the complicated circumstances, the event hosts are doing their best to provide a quality viewer experience. Hosting players around the world has its challenges though, so keep that in mind when tuning in.

You can find the full schedule for Summer Games Done Quick 2020 on the organization’s website.