Thymesia: Talents guide — The best talents to acquire

Thymesia: Talents guide — The best talents to acquire

Thymesia is fairly generous when it comes to handing talent points whenever you level up. Even better, you can reset them by interacting with a beacon or talking to Aisemy. Still, there are a select few perks that synergize well with your playstyle to make most bouts trivial. Here’s our Thymesia guide to help you with the best talents to unlock during the course of the campaign.

Note: We’ll have a Thymesia guides and features hub coming soon, so stay tuned.

Thymesia guide – The best talents to unlock

Saber – The saber is your normal attack in Thymesia. It allows you to deal wounds (i.e., the green portion of an enemy’s health bar), which will get replenished over time if they’re not taking damage.

    Saber Attacks Lv2 -> Dodge and Slash Lv2 – You can start a combo mid-string after dodging an attack. Healing Execution 1 -Restores HP and energy after executing an enemy. Sharp Weapons 1 and 2 -A flat damage increase for your normal attacks. Energized Weapon 1 -Restores energy via weapon hits.

Deflect – Deflecting is a mechanic that you want to master. By timing this move at the right time, you can completely negate the damage of an opponent’s attack. However, they’ll still continue their combo sequence.

    Deflect Lv2 – Reduces the enemy’s counter gauge when you successfully deflect their attacks. You can follow this up with Reckless Deflect Lv1 and 2 if you want to increase the deflect time. Energized Deflect Lv1 – Gain a bit of energy when you successfully deflect attacks.

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Dodge – One of the most basic moves in Souls-like games also has one of the best talents in Thymesia.

    Short Dodge Lv1 and 2 – The dodging distance here is shorter compared to its counterpart. The good news is that the animation is also faster, and you won’t see Corvus sliding away for no reason. Step and Jump Lv1 – This is a bit optional, but it is flashy. It lets you jump before your opponent unleashes a critical attack (usually done by bosses). It’s an alternative to simply dodging out of the way.

Claw – Another integral mechanic in the game is the use of the claw. Compared to the saber which does normal attacks/wounds, the claw’s heavy attack depletes the green portion of a target’s health bar. That means they won’t be able to heal the full amount. It’s also used for Reaving so you can acquire Plague Weapons from hostiles.

    Short Claw Lv1 and Lv2 – The Lv1 version provides a fairly decent combo that adds the “Offensive” buff, perfect when you want to whittle down the wounds portion fast. The Lv2 version, meanwhile, restores your own HP when you have five stacks of the “Offensive” buff. Predator’s Claw Lv2 and Lv3 – You’ll gain super armor when Reaving, as well as the “Offensive” and “Defensive” buffs.

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Feather – The feather is used to interrupt enemy special attacks (i.e., whenever they glow green). Still, I barely used this mechanic throughout the campaign, as I found that it was more manageable to just dodge the hit.

Strategies – Some of the best talents in Thymesia can be found in this tab:

    Plague Weapon Lv2 – Unlocks a second permanent slot for your equipped Plague Weapons. Plague Wounds Lv2 and Lv3 – Extends the time before enemies can recover their wounds while reducing their healing rate. Blessing Lv1 and Lv2 – Provides a chance to reduce incoming damage. First Aid – After getting Blessing Lv2, you can also take First Aid. This is mostly a lifesaver in case you’re a bit too aggressive when fighting mobs. If you take lethal damage and you have a potion left, that potion is used so you can get healed up. This can only be reset whenever you rest at a Beacon.

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Thymesia is available via Steam.