Thymesia: The Hanged Queen boss guide (Royal Garden zone)

Thymesia: The Hanged Queen boss guide (Royal Garden zone)

Many dangers await you in the world of Thymesia, such as a monstrous bat called the Hanged Queen. You’ll need to mitigate a ton of damage, use the arena to survive, and keep the pressure up due to its healing capabilities. Here’s our Thymesia Hanged Queen boss guide to help you defeat this foe in the Royal Garden zone.

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Thymesia The Hanged Queen boss guide – Royal Garden zone

The Hanged Queen might just be the easiest boss in Thymesia. This is in spite of the different mechanics that come into play. That’s because this fight can be easily brute-forced to negate whatever is thrown your way.

Here are the Hanged Queen’s abilities:

    Ripping Slash – You’ll want to stay in melee range most of the time. This will cause the boss to swing either of its arms. Simply dodge to the opposite side of the arm that’s lifted. Airdrop – When the boss leaps into the air, it will slam back down on the ground. This can be quickly dodged as well. Blood Blast – The creature will leap backward and spit a couple of projectiles your way. Just sidestep these. HP Regeneration – This is the Hanged Queen’s notable ability. Like the Blood Blast, this occurs just after it jumps backward (you’ll notice blood being absorbed). Instead of hanging back, you’ll want to immediately rush to reach the beast and keep attacking. Remember that the boss will only heal up to a certain extent of the white HP bar, so make sure that you’re often using your claw to cut down the green portion of the wounds. This will lessen the maximum amount of health that it’s able to regenerate.

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Ultimate: Beastly Roar – At certain points, the Hanged Queen will cause multiple stalagmites to spawn on the ground. Then, a few seconds later, it’ll scream and jump into the air (the scream is your “tell” since the boss doesn’t do this for the Airdrop attack). This is followed by a massive AoE that can deal up to 200 damage. You have two options:

    Make sure you have enough HP to tank the hit, and just heal afterward. Move behind one of the stalagmites. If you’re positioned correctly, the boss’ AoE will destroy that obstacle instead of damaging you.

Recommended Plague Weapon: Whip or Halberd – These two weapons are viable. The whip lets you latch on to the boss so you can close the distance. The halberd, meanwhile, lets you do three stabs in between the boss’ slow attack animations.

The Hanged Queen boss in Thymesia only has one HP bar (there’s no second phase). You’ll clear the zone and move on to Hermes Fortress where you’ll face an old rival.

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Thymesia is available via Steam.