Toby Fox targeting end of 2020 for next Deltarune chapter

Toby Fox targeting end of 2020 for next Deltarune chapter

Back in Halloween 2018, the world was introduced to Deltarune, at least, its first chapter. The sequel to the critically acclaimed Undertale, it has been under development for quite some time now. Creator Toby Fox took the chance on Undertale‘s fifteen anniversary to talk more about his creations, and what fans can expect from Deltarune in the future, including Chapter 2.

The rest of the game will be released as chapters as well. Although development has had its fair share of trouble due to the larger scope of Deltarune, this time around, Fox is not doing everything alone. The more complicated systems, graphics, and increased content have required some help. Thus, a small team has been enlisted to aid Fox on his development efforts.

The creator also shared that he has “largely spent the past two years writing, composing, designing, and drawing” for a full outline of Deltarune. There were also efforts made to find an alternative to GameMaker, the engine that was responsible for Undertale. However, GameMaker remains the team’s engine of choice, and the search cost plenty of wasted time. However, with the engine decided, development can go full steam ahead. Fox is targeting the end of 2020 for the release of Deltarune Chapter 2.

Deep dive

To illustrate his confidence, he also gave a complete status breakdown on many aspects of the game’s progress. The implementation of battles and cutscenes, even the translation work and bug-fixing efforts were detailed. While Fox believes that the majority of the game is in place, polishing Deltarune will “end up taking a lot of time.”

The road to making Deltarune a reality is a hard one for Fox. Due to his disabilities, development was not exactly an easy process. “Although I have long suffered from wrist and hand pain, about five months ago my wrist was the worst it’s ever been. I could not play the piano, use the mouse, and barely could use the keyboard,” Fox shared.

Thankfully, with a small team now involved, things are better. Fox is also considering adding to the team for the third chapter onward. Interested parties are welcome to send in their portfolios at the address found in the celebratory blog post. While no release date has yet been set for Deltarune‘s second chapter, at least now we know it is well on its way.