Two Point Campus: How to get Course Points

Two Point Campus: How to get Course Points

It’s the start of a new academic year, and you’re ready to expand your university’s curriculum. However, the game won’t let you because you don’t have enough Course Points. What even are Course Points and why do you need them? We’ve put together this handy guide to help you understand Course Points in Two Point Campus.

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What are Course Points?

There are a total of seventeen courses available in Two Point Campus. Each course has its own respective student number cap, tuition fee, and duration. Some courses are easy to run but are less profitable, while courses unlocked later on are more profitable but can easily go wrong if mismanaged.

You unlock courses through a couple of means. Some can be unlocked simply by playing through Two Point Campus‘ scenarios, but others require specific research. However, you can’t immediately start teaching a course after unlocking it.

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Before teaching a course you’ll need to add it to your university’s curriculum at the end of the academic year. Doing so requires Course Points, but that’s not all. You’ll also need Course Points to expand any existing courses being run at your university.

Leveling up and expanding your courses is extremely important. It’s the best use of Course Points in Two Point Campus and the best way to get money. Oftentimes, an entry-level course will barely break even, leaving you with little funds to expand. In contrast, a high-level course can easily generate six figures for your university every year. Those looking to create the best campus possible need to use up their Course Points at every given opportunity.

How to get Course Points

It’s pretty clear then that Course Points are essential, but how do you get them? There is only one method of getting Course Points outside of Sandbox Mode. Simply level your campus up and you’ll receive more Course Points to spend on adding new courses and improving existing ones.

Each campus-level received provides an additional 10 Course Points to spend. To put that into perspective, most courses cost between 30 and 40 Course Points. To expand and level up an existing course costs five Course Points per level. Those looking to expand quickly will require a lot of Course Points to do so.

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The general strategy for earning Course Points in Two Point Campus is to raise your campus level. This can be done by adding new rooms, new staff, increasing the number of students that attend your university, and improving your campus’ attractiveness. A useful trick for those with excess funds to get fast levels early on is purchasing all of the available land. You’ll need this land in the future anyway, and it bumps up your Campus Level quickly.

If you don’t want to mess around with Campus Levels and Course Points you can try out Sandbox Mode. In Sandbox Mode, you can give yourself unlimited Course Points, and add as many courses as you like. You unlock Sandbox Mode by getting at least one star on the Noblestead scenario. This scenario doesn’t take too long to reach and isn’t overly difficult to clear.

Two Point Campus is available on PC via Steam and Game Pass.