Two Point Campus: How to rotate items

Two Point Campus: How to rotate items

Designing your ideal university is a time-consuming but fun task. Two Point Campus gives you the tools to envision and create the campus of your dreams but it isn’t always obvious how to use them. Even something that seems simple like rotating an item can take some figuring out. Despite developer Two Point Studios’ best efforts to make Campus as accessible as possible, management games as a whole aren’t exactly newcomer friendly. To help you overcome this, we’ve set up this handy guide explaining how to rotate items in Two Point Campus.

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Rotating items in Two Point Campus

The main advantage of rotating items in Two Point Campus is that it lets you use space more efficiently. Rather than just placing an item in its default rotation and having it fill the room, you can tuck it away in the corner or against a wall.

Mouse and keyboard

Those using mouse and keyboard will have a slightly easier time rotating items. After all, the controls for mouse and keyboard are better suited to a management game like Two Point Campus.

All you have to do to rotate an item in Two Point Campus is select an item and hold left click. You can either select an item by left-clicking an existing item or purchasing a new item. After holding down left click you just move your mouse left or right depending on what direction you want to rotate the item. It’s that easy!

Two Point Campus Rotating Wraparound Chair


Some players may prefer sitting back and using a controller. It isn’t necessarily as convenient to place items with a controller as it is mouse and keyboard, but it’s still perfectly functional. If you prioritize comfort over practicality then playing with a controller is a good choice.

Much like mouse and keyboard to rotate items with a controller you first have to select an item. This can be done by either purchasing a new item or Holding down A/X when hovering over an existing item. Once selected just press either RB/R1 to rotate an item clockwise or LB/L1 to rotate an item anti-clockwise. After rotating the item press A/X again to place the item.