Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six World Cup action begins in 2021

Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six World Cup action begins in 2021

Following the Ubisoft Forward event that took place this week, Rainbow Six Siege players have plenty more to be excited about, even into 2021. Ubisoft announced that the Rainbow Six World Cup will take place next year, and it will be a major undertaking. The tournament will span 45 countries, starting in the first half of 2021 with The Qualifier Stage. This is the latest addition to the Rainbow Six Siege esports ecosystem, and competition is expected to be tough and intense.

After the initial stage, The Finals will then take place in summer. The remaining 20 teams will battle it out to call themselves world champions.

International dominance

As part of the unveiling, Ubisoft also revealed the ambassador for the Rainbow Six World Cup. International basketball star Tony Parker from France will fulfill that role. Parker shared more about his involvement in an interview, and explained why he was excited to get on board the venture.

“I’m excited to meet the players and coaches, share my experience, and I think they will have a lot of fun. For me, it was an incredible opportunity to play for my country, learning how to play with different players, different coaches, and I hope the players will enjoy it as much as I did,” Parker said.

The fun begins next week, as each region will need to begin assembling National Committees. They will then be responsible for picking out their squad members. Representing one’s country on the world stage is a big responsibility. These selected players will have their work cut out for them.

Ubisoft also shared that 14 countries will receive direct invitations to the Final Stage. The other 31 countries will compete in the Qualifiers for the Rainbow Six World Cup. Considering the esports ecosystem of Rainbow Six Siege thus far, this is sure to be some next-level competition. The Rainbow Six World Cup is set to be a blockbuster of an event in 2021.