Vault of the Ancients update brings dogs and treasures to Sea of Thieves

Vault of the Ancients update brings dogs and treasures to Sea of Thieves

Rare’s Sea of Thieves has certainly seen a shift in the tides of late. Going from being derided and evolving into a wonderful world of adventures on the high seas, fans have been rewarded for their patience as the studio continues to support the live service game. Outside of expansions and even some Battletoads additions, we are now getting man’s best friends added to the game as pets. Dogs were shown at gamescom 2020, and they are too adorable not to have on board. Of course, it all comes via a brand new update, Vaults of the Ancients.

These Vaults of the Ancients belonged to the Gold Hoarders. Home to plenty of loot, the keys to these treasure troves have been hidden. However, the faction has now deemed that a bad idea and they need players to help locate the keys once more. Of course, why bother returning the loot to their rightful owners? You are a pirate, after all. Inside the vaults, you will be able to find special treasures. Getting them is not easy, as you will have to locate certain medallions and solve a puzzle under the stress of time. With a heist and a race, Vaults of the Ancients is not playing around.

Helpful directions

In order to help the players find the right stuff to do, Rare will be inserting some “mysterious notes” into Sea of Thieves. Open up your radial menu, and there you will see recommendations from the developers. New events, voyages, and NPCs are pointed out for your convenience. Vaults of the Ancients will also be coming with accessibility improvements. Some examples include making island banners less obstructive, and tweaks to the single stick mode.

The hidden treasures of the Vaults, as well as your new furry friends, can be found starting this September 9 in the Vaults of the Ancients update for Sea of Thieves.