Veteran Mass Effect developers are returning for the new entry

Veteran Mass Effect developers are returning for the new entry

There is no denying the fact that The Game Awards 2020 was chocked full of announcements and reveals that will keep fans buzzing for months to come. One of those just so happens to be a tease for even more Mass Effect. The BioWare sci-fi roleplaying franchise hit a snag with Andromeda, but the impending arrival of the remastered trilogy and the tease of the continuation of the series has fans hyped once more. While the announcement at the show did not show much, we now know more on who’s involved. Taking to Twitter after the show, Project Director Michael Gamble shed more light on the Mass Effect developers working on the next game.

Just as the appearance of Liara and the N7 armor fragment reminds us of the past, so does Gamble. It seems the next game will involve the original Shephard trilogy somehow. That will need some old school Mass Effect developers on board.

Some of the Mass Effect developers are certainly not new to the series. Gamble shared more about several developers who have worked on the original Normandy ship, cinematics, the art, as well as the awesome gameplay systems that fans know and love.

Behind the wheel

BioWare did state that a veteran team would be working on the game, and now we have more of an idea on who. Uncertainty can cause fans to worry and speculate. However, these tweets about the Mass Effect developers will certainly put some at ease. This positive news is a good break for the studio. After the recent departures, having something to look forward to is a good thing.

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Even though we are more fond of the original games, it seems that the Andromeda galaxy is not getting abandoned entirely either. Gamble responded to a fan’s query about the two coming together quite positively. With the lore of the series, anything is possible. After all, Asari are known to live for a long time. The possibilities are quite endless.

With veteran Mass Effect developers on board and a return to fond memories, this new Mass Effect has us excited already.