Vote for the new Minecraft mob at Minecraft Live 2020

Vote for the new Minecraft mob at Minecraft Live 2020

Mojang Studios’ Minecraft continues to be one of the most popular games to ever have existed. Its brand of family-friendly building, constructing, and self-made adventures have attracted plenty of attention and time investment into it, and the team is not done providing content for its world just yet. In a new blog post, Mojang revealed one of the key attractions for the upcoming Minecraft Live 2020 event. A new Minecraft mob is coming, and fans will vote on what it is.

You will be able to make your choice during the Minecraft Live 2020 livestream event on October 3. A voting poll will take place concurrently on the official Minecraft Twitter account. This is nothing new to fans of the game. Last year’s edition of the event saw a new biome voted into the game. This year’s vote will focus on a new Minecraft mob instead.

Choosing your battles

The choices are quite varied, and look to be great additions to the already existing mobs in the game. The possible new Minecraft mob options are as follows:

    Iceologer: This cold-hearted illager from Minecraft Dungeons thrives in snowy, icy, and rocky areas. If you vote for this hostile mob, they will move into the new mountain tops that tower over the Overworld. Appropriately, they will hurl flying ice clouds at players when encountered. Vote for the Iceologer if you want to experience hardcore snowball fights. Moobloom: This four-legged flower is a fan favorite from Minecraft Earth, and pretty much the opposite of hostile. Interactions with bees and nature are being teased, so vote for the Moobloom if you want the Flower Forest biome to contain more floral than ever before. Glow Squid: This shimmering sea creature also made its debut in Minecraft Earth. These creatures are pretty similar to the squid that are already swimming around in Minecraft. They won’t attack players or other entities, but their glow can be quite atmospheric. If you want to add more marine life to Minecraft, vote for the Glow Squid.

Mojang will also be sharing more information about the different Minecraft mob types to vote for over the course of the week.