Watch Dogs: Legion features Aiden Pearce and Stormzy

Watch Dogs: Legion features Aiden Pearce and Stormzy

At today’s Ubisoft Forward event, the publisher revealed more details on Watch Dogs: Legion ahead of its launch. We got a few more gameplay snippets showing some new character options and gadgets, along with details on the game’s music. It’s safe to say there’s a few surprises in here.

English rapper and songwriter Stormzy gets a full motion captured appearance, with some of his music also featuring in the soundtrack. In general, Ubisoft emphasised how important the music scene is to London, and how it has its place in Watch Dogs: Legion. Stormzy appeared on stage at one of the game’s music clubs, and the rapper seemed impressed with how Ubisoft has recreated London in Legion. That’s not the only character reveal we got though…

Aiden Pearce from the original Watch Dogs returns as a playable character. Oh how we’ve missed that gruff, monotone voice. Ubisoft claimed that we’ve all been asking for it, but the original protagonist didn’t get the warmest reception back in 2014. He’s back though, among the literal hundreds of citizens you can take control of in Watch Dogs: Legion. A video clip shows the character looking a little more unruly than before, with a thick beard and a few more deep wrinkles. 2020 has gotten to us all then.

New recruit

Outside of these two reveals, Ubisoft showed off yet more of its recruiting system. Whilst there’s a fear these playable characters might become a little samey, the clip did show how each one can differ. Here, a street artist is hired, meaning you can take to the streets with her handy paintball gun. We presume that’s not getting used for graffiti at this point, more like plenty of stealth takedowns.

Ubisoft also revealed legendary recruits, who have even more unique abilities. Each recruit can be customized to suit your playstyle though, so we’re not sure how enticing finding new recruits will become. Hopefully it’s a valid tactic to just grab someone’s gear to then use with your favorite character. I mean if possible, we’re all picking Stormzy or Aiden Pearce, right?!

Watch Dogs: Legion launches for PC on October 29.