Where Winds Meet throws you into a collapsing Chinese kingdom

Where Winds Meet throws you into a collapsing Chinese kingdom

Gamescom Opening Night Live 2022 had plenty to see, including the announcement trailer for Where Winds Meet, an action RPG set in the waning years of the Ten Kingdoms period of medieval China. The reveal trailer showcased a flashy cinematic to set the tone, world exploring, gameplay mechanics, and a selection of enemies to fight.

Where Winds Meet places you in the shoes of a master swordsman having to face tough choices as the end of an era looms. The game allows for branching paths in terms of plot, and it sounds like you can end up in some diverse roles. Choose to become an imperialistic soldier and further the demise of the swordsman kind, or fight for the innocent and use your skills to fight harsh laws and regulations until death.

Live by the sword, or just see where life takes you

As a swordsman in Where Winds Meet, you will be able to choose a variety of combat styles that suit your individual playstyle. The player can use Tai-Chi to reflect enemy attacks, or use acrobatics to dance around your attackers and breach their guard. As you progress throughout the game, you will also collect a variety of ranged weapons, scythes, and swords. Players will learn new martial arts to further improve, allowing for the development of unique playstyles.

Where Winds Meet Announcement1

Besides combat, the RPG aspects of Where Winds Meet seek to add more depth to the experience. For instance, players can take the role of a doctor, tending to the sick and wounded. Players can also become a merchant, earning gold to make a living, or maybe you want something entirely different.

After finding that new career, you may just want to settle down and create a home. Where Winds Meet will also offer an extensive free-construction system, with over six hundred different customizable props to build with.

If all of that bores you, you can of course just pursue the main storyline. The developers claim Where Winds Meet offers a unique open-world game experience. There is no release window for Where Winds Meet at this time, but the trailer looks promising enough that you may want to keep this RPG on your radar.

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