Winter is coming in the new Ooblets seasonal update

Winter is coming in the new Ooblets seasonal update

It has been a hot minute since we got anything substantially new for Ooblets, the game full of dancing little creatures ripe for collecting. Thankfully, we are getting a second Ooblets seasonal update that brings with it plenty of winter-themed features to our adventures. Developers Glumberland took to Twitter to share more details regarding the new content, and the list seems quite meaty.

New resources, new items, cold weather, and even a new creature will arrive with the new Ooblets seasonal update. Who would not want a dancing penguin friend? A short trailer also shows off the snow falling in Badgetown, with the player avatar in some warm winter clothing.

While the season may have changed, it seems the creatures themselves are fine and dandy. The weather seems to not have affected them one bit. Perhaps dancing is the cure to all of our problems.

Road to completion

The new Ooblets seasonal update should already be live now. For those worried that this will replace the Halloween update for the game, fear not. The swap region, crops, NPCs, and ooblets of Nullwhere are here to stay. If you have not completed your creepy collection, you can still do so.

In contrast to the Halloween update, the latest Ooblets seasonal update will not add a new region to the game. While there is still a final region to come, it will not be part of this particular update. Fans have been speculating just what will await them in the final region, but that wait will continue for a bit.

Nevertheless, the latest content drop will certainly ease the wait for the eventual 1.0 launch of Ooblets. In fact, it will help you get back into the groove again of getting tasks done, tending to your crops, and just hanging out with your creatures once more.