Ghostrunner: Enemy guide

I’m going to level with you. Getting good pictures of enemies in Ghostrunner isn’t easy, as taking your fingers off the movement keys long enough to hit F12 once you see them typically means you’ll be taking a picture of

Under: Depths of Fear review — Trial and terror

If I could shout one thing from the horror video game mountains, it’d be, “stop designing hide-and-seek monster segments and time-limit escape ones if your level design doesn’t work with them!” Under: Depths of Fear encapsulates most of the bad

Ghostrunner: combat guide for serious slashing

Ghostrunner‘s combat sections are seriously tough. The enemies aren’t much of a threat one-on-one, but when you’ve got a whole room of them to deal with, things get a lot trickier. This Ghostrunner guide focuses on the basics of combat.